Welcome to Texas State Tubes!

The Premier Provider of Tubing Adventures on the San Marcos River

Rave Reviews

“One of the best floating experiences I’ve ever had while down south visiting friends; they take care of their customers, it’s affordable and I feel good sending friends of mine their way.”

– Matt S., Facebook

“This company was absolutely the best. I booked our reservation for the wrong date & received a phone call 2 months before the trip to Austin saying our driver was outside. They rebooked our 12 woman bachelorette party for free!  Danny, our driver, was super helpful. Filled us in on all of the tips and tricks, took some pictures before for us, and helped us load into the water.  If you’re going to book a trip down the river, use this company! Thanks for a great experience, Texas state tubes!”

-Holly L, Facebook

“The folks at Texas State Tubes were friendly, parking was easy, we didn’t have to wait in line and the prices seemed fair.  We’ll definitely be coming back.”

– Percy W., Yelp

“Did this for a bachelorette party and it was amazing. Got picked up from Austin and bussed to the river and brought back home. The package came with coolers and cooler floats + tubes for all”

-Samantha H., Yelp

“Came for a girls/birthday weekend and Texas state tubes was recommended to us. It was perfect, they make it really easy to park and float and get back to your car. I look forward to coming back soon!”

– Alyssa V., Facebook

“I went tubing with 11 of my friends for my Bachelorette party this Memorial weekend and our experience was AMAZING! Our guide was Danny and he was super friendly and helpful. From loading our tubes with coolers, giving us helpful hints, and just being an overall awesome guide-we would highly recommend him to anyone considering using this company! He arrived early to pick 10 of us up in Austin then drove us to the site, while giving us a local’s perspective on things we saw along the way.
The river was crowded (as it should be it was over 100 degrees and a holiday weekend) but it was still very enjoyable! There were a couple rough parts but that was because the water was lower than normal but it made it exciting and kept us entertained.

I would highly recommend Texas State Tubes for anyone who is seeking some relaxation outside of the city! It was an A+ experience!”

-Kelly T., Facebook

Welcome to Texas State Tubes!

Texas State Tubes is the high-service, low-cost tubing provider on the San Marcos River! TST is the closest thing you can get to “tubing in Austin” as we are about 35 minutes south of Downtown Austin and the closest river to Austin that allows recreational tubing. We have 2 parking lots for added convenience, one at the beginning of the float and one at the end so that you can either Park, Float, Ride, or you can Park, Ride, Float depending on your preference. The most important thing to remember to do at Texas State Tubes is be ready to have a blast!

No glass, no styrofoam, no beer bongs, and no boom boxes audible beyond 50 ft. If you are driving yourself, there is no need to book online. Check out our Tubing Info page for walk-up prices and information.

Join us for the ultimate river tubing adventure!

Our customers are always our number one priority because we know without you we wouldn’t be able to spend our summer days on the river!

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