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How to Enjoy a Safe and Fun Tubing Trip

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Tubing is one of the safest, most enjoyable summer activities you can enjoy in the Austin area. Following a few easy safety tips will ensure that you have a wonderful time:

  1. Sunscreen – You’ll be out in the direct sun for at least an hour if not more, so sunscreen is a must. Austin area weather typically reaches the 90s as soon as late March, and by mid-June 100+ degree temps are not uncommon. Plan accordingly and bring a high SPF, waterproof sunblock.
  2. Alcohol – For many tubers, the experience wouldn’t be the same without a few ice-cold beers along the way. Drinking while tubing is acceptable but be smart. Keep in mind that the heat can enhance the effect of alcohol. Drink responsibly and remember to mix in some water to stay hydrated.
  3. Swimming – While you will spend your time in the tube and not in the water, you may choose to get in the water at some point. Those who don’t know how to swim must wear a life vest and should avoid leaving their tube.
  4. Music- Feel free to bring speakers or portable stereos, but out of respect for others, make sure they can’t be heard more than 50 feet away.
  5. Things to watch out for – As with any outdoor activities, there are a few potential hazards to stay aware of:
    1. Rocks and sticks along the river – You may come across these objects as you float. It’s best to avoid them, and so it’s a good idea to keep an eye downstream and stay aware of your surroundings. Make sure that at least one person in your party is keeping an eye downstream at all times. If you see a rock or large stick, simply paddle your tube away from it. When you go across areas of more rapid water flow, keep your rear end slightly elevated to prevent hitting a rock.
    2. Snakes – You might see a snake, most often along the shore. If you see a snake, just leave it alone it will return the favor.
    3. Flipping the tube – If the tube flips over unexpectedly, you could get injured. This is generally rare, however. The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep your bottom in the center of the tube. Don’t panic if the water starts to rush, as there will be a few spots where its speed picks up. Just stay in the tube and go with the water’s flow.
    4. Connecting tubes – This is an acceptable practice, just don’t tie more than three tubes together, as doing so will hinder your mobility.
  6. Help and emergencies – Call us at 512-638-7165 if you need help. If it is an emergency, get out of the water onto the riverbank and call 911.
  7. Cell phones – Tubing is a great opportunity to unplug and check out, and many tubers leave their phones behind. We encourage keeping at least one phone per group, just in case of emergency. You can turn it off or put it on airplane to avoid interruptions.
  8. Driving – Don’t drink and drive. Texas State Tubes provides convenient transportation to and from downtown. Make sure you have a plan to get home safely after we drop you off. If you choose your own transportation, choose a rideshare or designate a driver.


That’s pretty much it…tubing is easy, fun, and safe. Sticking to a few common-sense guidelines will keep you coming back!

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