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Make Tubing a Family Outing


Floating the river can be a wonderful way to get the whole family, from kids to grandparents, out and about in Central Texas’ natural beauty. Tubing also can be a cost-effective family trip and avoid the hectic crowds of area water parks.

Texas State Tubes can recommend family friendly routes that will offer a calmer, slower experience that still takes in all the river and its banks have to offer. If you choose another outfitter, inquire about their family friendly options.

A few tips will make your family outing safe and fun:

  • For a lazy river experience, schedule your trip on the early side, during a non-peak day. Call Texas State Tubes (512-638-7165) and we can help you plan.
  • If a peak day is your only option, try to start as early as possible, before the crowds grow.
  • Young children, weaker swimmers, and older people should wear a life jacket. If possible, ensure that a strong swimmer who has floated before accompanies them or stays close by.
  • Keep the route on the shorter side, especially if it’s your first outing. There are plenty of opportunities to come back and check out more of the river!

We look forward to seeing the whole family on the river! Call 512-638-7165 or go online to book.

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